White Trash Lust

I take one of my white shirts to Him this day.  I had already taken over a pair of old jeans I no longer wore.  He’s waiting for me on the leather sofa.  The jeans have already been cut, but no quite where He wants them.  I hand over the shirt, get undressed and present myself. 


He stands to put on my collar and kisses me hello.  Lingering.  Taking my ass cheeks in His hands and squeezing.  It almost knocks me over and I throw my arms around His neck to steady myself, still kissing Him. 


“I want you to put these on.”  He hands me the cut-offs.  I slide them on and button them.  “Turn around.”  He orders.  I turn and He bends me slightly so my ass pops out.  “Don’t move.” He tells me.  He has a marker in His hand and draws where He wants to cut them shorter, turning me as He goes.


“Ok, take them off.”  I shimmy out of them and give them back.   He goes to work for a few minutes while I watch porn on the flat screen.  Two girls going at it with a guy fucking both of their assess. 


He gives the shorts back to me and I slide them on.  They curve up my ass cheeks, but He wants them shorter.  I hold my arms up as He takes the scissors to them again.  Getting shorter and shorter.  He’s finally satisfied with how they look and has me put on the patent black leather Mary Jane heels and a white tank top.  “Go look at yourself.”  He motions to the bedroom. 


I look like a trashy bitch.  The shorts are halfway up my ass and my pussy lips are threatening to peek out.  I love it.  I come back and He has me change into the white button down shirt I brought to Him today.  I leave it unbuttoned and tie it under my rib cage.  He’s looking me over.


He immediately grabs me and forces me to my knees to suck His cock.  He only lets me do this a moment and grabs my hair and under my arm to haul my up and onto my knees in the chair.  He unbuttons my shorts and jerks them down around my thighs, forcing His cock into my pussy and pushing my head into the soft fabric of the chair.  Grinding and thrusting into me.  He pulls out and pulls me by the collar to the floor.  “Clean up your mess, slut.”  He orders me to clean off His cock with my mouth.  My tongue swirls around Him, lapping all of my juices up. 


“Enough.”  He pulls back from me.  I let out a little whimper.   I love His cock in my mouth.  “Later, bitch.  When you’ve earned it.” He tells me.  “Up.”


I get off the floor and He takes me into the bedroom.  The bed is set up for bondage.  “On your back.”  I slide up on the bed and position myself in the middle.  He takes off my jean shorts leaving them around one ankle.  He takes my wrist and ankle cuffs and put them on me, threading each one to a restraint.  I am completely immobile and open when He’s done. 


He goes to get His Hitachi and the Eleven.  It’s a monster stainless steel dildo.  I could use it as a weapon in an emergency.  He comes back to between my legs.  He has the lube nearby.  His hands run up my thighs, digging His fingers into me.  Telling me He’s going to use me like a trashy little whore.  The Hitachi goes to my clit.  I want to cum.  But He’s not going to let me.


“Don’t you dare cum without My permission, slut.”  He growls at me.  He wants to make me wait.  To beg. 


I’m breathing deeply, trying not to cum.  He sees it and holds up the Eleven.  “There’s no way for you to not cum.”  He taunts and takes away the Hitachi when He slides it in to my wet cunt.  Let there be a lesson on stainless steel toys and electricity.  I’ll write about that later……..

He starts sliding the Eleven in and around my G Spot.  You would think stainless wouldn’t feel good, but tell that to my cunt.  The Hitachi goes to my clit and I’m immediately ready to explode.


“Ohgodplease…..” I start to beg.  It’s a whisper.  But I don’t want to yet because it feels so fucking good.  So I hold on.  Letting it consume me. 


“It feels so good, please don’t stop.”  I keep saying it over and over.  I’m holding out, not begging.  I don’t want it to end.


He snaps me to attention.  “Beg or I’m going to take it away.  I’m getting bored.”  He starts to count and really fuck me with the dildo.


“ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod………”  I just crash into waves of pleasure.  I think I try to come off the bed.  He keeps fucking me.  “Now you’re not going to stop.”  He orders. 




I convulse again and again.  He knows exactly where to push.  He takes it all away and my eyes I think are rolled back into my head. 


Before I even come to, I feel a riding crop start slapping my clit.  My breathe hitches between the pain and pleasure of it.  I love pussy torture.  He hits it in rhythm over and over.  I try to raise my hips up to meet each hit.  He stops and dives between my legs, taking my clit in His mouth.  Holy Fuck.  He swirls His tongue around my clit and sucks.  Oh My God.  The Hitachi is back. 


“Give it to me.  It’s mine.  I want it.”  He gives my body no choice.  I can hear me squirt against the Hitachi. 




He’s not done with me.


I’m swirling with pleasure and He’s unhooking the restraints.  “On your stomach.”  I hear.  I flip over and He starts with the Hitachi again on my clit.  His fingers barely at the opening of my ass.  I immediately want to reach up to Him.  But want to grind down into the Hitachi, too.  The Hitachi is winning and soon I’m begging to cum again.


“You want to cum, my little whore?”  He asks.




“Now!”  He commands and as I do He plunges the fingers that were teasing my ass into me.  It makes me cum harder and longer.


I may not be able to stand after this.


“Get on your knees.”  I hear and crawl into position.  He plunges His cock into my ass and my hand automatically reaches for His balls.  His fingers are gripping my hips and He’s telling me what a good girl I was today.  My reward is going to be His cum in my ass.  I can feel His balls tighten and He’s thrusting harder and faster.  There’s urgency.  Fucking me harder.


I groan with the thrusts.  “Take it, bitch.”  I can hear Him say as He unloads into me, pushing me harder into the bed.


“God damn you looked hot in those shorts.”  He grins as He rolls me over and kisses me.  “I think you should wear them to the next party.”


“Yes, Sir………” Looking back at Him over my shoulder.



So you want to be used…… I mean, a model?

I walk into the house.  He’s not lounging in the bedroom, but rather on His massive leather sofa, feet propped up on the equally massive foot rest.  “There she is…..”  He says looking up from His IPad.

I give a quick “Hello, Sir.” And go deposit my things and disrobe.  I go to the side of the couch, within arm’s reach of Him.  He reaches for my flesh, pulling on a nipple.  I breathe in, loving the sensation.  He pulls harder.  And then a little harder.  He reaches for my cunt with His other hand.  Knowing full well, I’m already wet. 


His hand is still in my pussy when He stands up to greet me.  One of my favorite parts is this.  I feel like I’m being devoured.  Breathing Him in.  You can smell excitement.  He spins me around and takes my collar from the side table and threads it around my neck.  He grabs my hair and pulls me back against Him with His lips at my ear.  His cock against my skin, His fingers finding my nipples with His other hand. 


“I’m going to have you put on a show for Me today.”  He whispers.   I try to press into Him, feeling skin to skin.  “Open your eyes.”  He tells me.  “This isn’t about you.  It’s about Me.” 


He keeps His face buried in my neck and hair.  Telling me how He plans to use me today.   His fingers leave my nipple and slide down to my dripping pussy, slipping in and out.  Coating them.  He brings them up to my mouth.  “Open.”  He commands, His voice is still low. 


I open my mouth and He slips His fingers in, rubbing all over the inside.  I can taste my excitement and it makes me even more wet.  He turns me around to face Him and kisses and sucks the excitement out of me, lingering.  His hands cupping my ass, kneading the flesh. 


When He finally pulls away, He tells me to go upstairs and get my plug and a pair of gloves.   I do as I’m told and quickly, running back downstairs without tripping and killing myself and handing Him the beautiful silver plug.  He walks away to hold it under warm water.  Nothing like an ice cold piece of steel in your little asshole. 


My amazing Sir returns shortly with the plug nicely warmed up for me.  He sits on the leather couch and pulls the footrest in front of Him, pointing to it.  “Kneel.”  He orders.  I go to my knees and elbows, exposing myself to Him.  I had put the gloves on the side table and He puts them on.  I feel lube dripping around my ass and His fingers start to massage around the opening.  He barely slips the tip of a finger in and I automatically push back a little.  Wanting more I push my ass up like a cat in heat and He slides in.  Then two.   He slides back out and I feel my plug at the opening.  Teasing me.  I hear a glove come off.


“On your back.” 


I flip over.  He slides me closer to Him.  He looks at me and decides He needs to see my face more and grabs a pillow from a chair, propping my head on top of it.  He sits back down between my legs.  “Better. “  He says smiling.    “I want you to not take your eyes off me today.  Do you understand?”


I nod and say “Yes, Sir.”


He pours more lube onto my pussy and slides His fingers into me. “Play with yourself.  I want to see a show.”  He tells me.


I hold my gaze to His as I begin to rub my already swollen clit.  His fingers sliding in and out of my pussy.  Finding all my sweet spots.  My body betrays me when I’m excited.  I can’t hide anything.  My nipples are as hard as rocks.  My G Spot is a G Zone.  My pupils are blown wide open.  Just like my legs.  My hips can’t help but to move. 


I want to close my eyes and soak in the sensations but I know if I do, he’ll stop. 


He still has a glove on one hand.


I’m getting close as His rubbing gets more intense.  Like a cat in heat I start to moan and move more.  His fingers are at the base of my ass, ready to enter.  I move towards Him.  Wanting them to slide in.  When He does I’m seconds away from release. 


“Please…..please….please…..”  Is my only request.  


He picks up the speed.  Trying to look into His eyes and keep from cumming are proving difficult.  I need to cum.


“OhmygodmayIpleasecumSir”  it’s all one jumbled word of need.


“No.  Not yet.” 

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod……”  I may lose it.


He knows I’m beyond ready.  “Do. Not.  Scream.”  He says.  That means be quiet.  Let the sensations do the talking.  It makes me really feel what’s happening to me.  I just stare at Him.  My body losing control as His fingers are plunging in and out of me.  I finally let out a “Thank You, Sir” after the convulsions end.


The other glove comes off.  He looks at me for a moment, smiling at how He makes me become a wanton whore in His hands.  He turns to find the butt plug and holds it up to my already used asshole.  One little push and it’s sucked right in. 


He holds out His hand to help me to my feet and leads me into the master bedroom.  He has new white thigh high stockings for me and white heels.  He loves the 1950’s housewife look and white always reminds Him of it.  I slide them on.  They come up to the crease of my ass, just like He likes them.  I put the shoes on.  He looks me up and down and takes the back of my neck and leads me upstairs. 


The massage table is out and one of the red covered wedges is at the end.  Red rope and my cuffs are on a side table.  One of the mirrors is positioned at the end of the table. 


He leads me to the end and bends me over.  Getting me into place, spreading my legs.  He gets my wrist cuffs and secures them, telling me to get onto my elbows.  For me to look into the mirror.  He takes a length of rope and starts to loop and tie around my waist and then my ass and hips.  One of the knots is sitting on my clit and the tie forces my ass cheeks to open exposing the plug and my pussy.   He gets the cube to sit on and the Hitachi.


“Remember what I told you.  Don’t take your eyes off me.”  He reminds me in a low voice.  


“Yes, Sir.”  I say looking at His reflection.


He goes to one of the tables in the room.  Click.  His camera is in His hands.  He plans to capture our play.  A few more clicks of the camera and He puts it down to turn His attention to me.  He’s back into view of the mirror again, sitting down between my legs and turning on the Hitachi.  He puts it on the knot where my clit is under.  The vibration is just enough to drive me crazy but not over the edge.  Which is driving me crazier by the second.  He slides a few fingers into my cunt.  I don’t dare take my eyes off of Him.   I try to move down onto the Hitachi and His fingers.  God, it’s driving me mad.  He knows it and keeps teasing me into a frenzy.  He plays with my plug and decides it needs to come out because His cock needs to be in its place. 


He deposits the plug onto the dresser and comes to the side of the table with a bottle of lube.  “Give me your hands.”  He orders.  The slippery lube coats my hand and I reach out for His cock.  Getting Him ready for my ass.  Click goes the camera.  And then another Click.  He puts the camera on the massage table.  And walks behind me.  “I want to fuck your little ass.”


He grabs the rope around my waist and slides into me.  We’re watching each other’s faces as He does.  It drives Him to thrust harder.  He slides out and comes around to the side of the table again squirting more lube into my hands.  I can smell my ass on His cock.  My tongue reaches out to the head and I can’t quite get to Him.  I’m an ass to mouth kind of girl.  He goes back to between my legs, grabbing onto the rope and sliding back into me. 


“You’re just my little fucktoy today, aren’t you?”  He asks between thrusts. 


“Yes, Sir.”  I groan out.  “Please cum in my ass….” I beg. 


I say it again.  “Please cum in my ass, Sir……please.  Please…..” God it feels so good feeling Him slide in and out of me.  He pulls the rope harder, getting closer.  Watching me the entire time while He’s fucking me.  “Please cum in my ass, Sir.”  I say again.  He loves when I beg for Him to. 


“Dirty.  Little.  Whore.”  The words spill out as He cums and pulls me harder into Him.  His eyes stay on mine as He unloads into me. 


He slides out, sitting back down on the cube.  He unties the rope and takes away the knot from my clit.  The Hitachi hits me with full speed and His fingers are inside of me.  He wants His orgasm.  Now. 


I’m still looking at Him in the mirror and my body needs release.  I bend my knees to move up and down, pushing my clit into the machine.  His fingers press all over my spot and then He takes them on either side and rubs back and forth.  That’s it.  I need it.  Right now. 


“pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.”  I beg like a little whore.


“Give it to Me.” 


My eyes can barely focus as I explode.


“Please don’t stop, please don’t stop.”  I just repeat it over and over and explode again.  I think cum shoots out of my ass about then.


He lets me lie there.  Slumped over, rope hanging from my side.




He captures me slumped over and my thoroughly used ass, taking several pictures.


He helps me stand after a few minutes, unthreading the rest of the rope and walks me over to the cross, securing my wrists.  His hands get into my hair and pull my head back to Him.


“So you want to be a model?”  He whispers.   


I can’t even answer.  He pushes my head forward and starts to spank me bare handed.  Over and over.  After being used and cumming, my skin is very sensitive and I react more at the stinging.  ‘I want your ass nice and red.”  He says.


He keeps spanking me.  He leaves and brings back a paddle.  Then a riding crop.  Then a cane.  The yardstick.  A flogger.  I’m floating away.  I don’t know what came next.  My head has fallen back and I feel Him push me forward again.  He keeps going and I have no idea how long He does. 


I do know He stops at some point and walks away.  I’m in a different universe and don’t hear the click of the camera at all. 


So you want to be a model.


Butt Plugs and the Essential Art of Peeing with One In

Gotta pee?  You will before you read the end of this.  Gotta pee with a butt plug in?  Good luck with all that. 


To those of you that have one of the most used objects in BDSM used on us, it can be a little bit of a challenge.  Coming from a woman’s point of view that is. 


My Sir loves to use plugs with me.  LOVES.  So I am faced with this regularly.    He also uses the heavy, stainless steel ones that are meant to fall slightly forward towards the area of your G Spot.  The kind that can and will do damage to property if not looked after properly.


He bought that for me this past year.  When I opened the box and held it in my hand my first thought was “Damn, that’s heavy.”  Drop it on your toe and break it kind of heavy.  It feels lovely in, though.  It presses just right towards the vaginal wall.  Making me want to pee sometimes.  Hell, I was wearing it yesterday.  I made sure I emptied my bladder before presenting myself and I still thought I needed to go less than 30 minutes later. 


But I digress.  I love them.  He loves them.  So how does one deal with the pee issue? 


And by issue I mean trying to pee without it shooting out of you like a cannon while on the toilet thereby smashing said toilet into smithereens and causing the biggest flood since the parting of the Red Sea.  That kind of issue.   


First of all, don’t forget it’s in your little asshole.  And that little asshole has lube.  Kinda need lube to get the sucker in there.  The runway is already slick like LaGuardia in a winter storm, folks. 


“I can clench.” You say.  Sure you can.  Make sure the plumber is on speed dial and you know where and how to shut off the water supply when attempting this trick.  The act of sitting down causes those ass cheeks to spread a little thereby opening you up.  I tried clenching the first time with my new plug.   I sat down. “Ok, we’re good, I think I can do this.”  I said to myself.  I get a little more comfortable; relax just a little so I can go. 


Why can’t I go?  What’s taking so long?  I sit there.  On my throne, waiting.  Nothing.  I sit up straight and while trying to clench my ass, I bear down to pee and that thing shoots out of me at what I can guess is the speed of sound.  Hitting the bottom of the bowl.




“What was that?”  Came the alarmed voice of my Sir from downstairs.  And then I heard Him coming up said stairs.  Quickly.


I was mortified and wide eyed.  Holding my breath as I turned around to look.  I just stood there.  Staring.  The toilet wasn’t broken.  The plug sitting at the bottom.  How the hell I managed to not crack the porcelain is beyond me. 


He hurries into the bathroom, going directly to the toilet.  Both of U/us look at each other.  Look at the plug sitting in the toilet.  Back to each other.  I reach down to get it.  What?  You’re not going to get your brand new expensive piece of art from the bottom of an abyss? 


It’s obviously fine.  The toilet is fine.  He flushes it to make sure.  W/we both heaved a sigh of relief.  I still haven’t gone to the bathroom.  I frankly forgot when I scared myself beyond shitless.


Having survived that, I knew the next time would be sure disaster.  So now I hold onto the plug while sitting on the toilet.  Yes, hold onto the plug.  This one has a little handle on it so I can slide one of my fingers through.  Yes, it’s awkward.  You have to get your toilet paper before you sit.  Trust me, there’s way too much to have to think about than toilet paper.  Get it first.  Hold onto or push the plug slightly back towards your ass.  Sit.  Get comfy having to bend over holding onto something that is going to push back against your fingers. 


If you have one of the lovely plugs I have that fall forward, you’re going to have to turn it, getting it away from the wall.  A lot of other plugs aren’t built that way, so you may be able to relax and pee without doing that.   


Now relax.  Turn the water in the sink on before hand.  Think of something else.  Count to ten.  Whatever it takes.  Your mind is too occupied with the plug and clenching and not breaking shit. 


Pee yet?  If so good, if not medical play may be in your future.  I’m not into catheters so that’s not an option for me. 


Now wipe your sweet little pussy and while holding onto that plug, stand up.  DO NOT LET GO until you are fully standing. 


Congrats, you made it. 


Is your Master making you wear one in public?  Out to dinner, no less?  With a sexy little dress, no panties and high heels?  My best advice:  Don’t drink a fucking thing.  If you can’t get away from that, then for the love don’t drink beer. 


If you have to go in a public restroom looking like a sexy beast with your little jeweled butt plug in and those heels are on?  Right.  This just got one hundred times harder. 


Ok…here it goes for that scenario.


First of all, if you’re drunk I can’t help you.  Fact of life.  I’ll just read about how you demolished public property on some other site and laugh my ass off.  But if you’re capable of following directions then get the toilet paper first.  Pull up that sexy little dress.  Hopefully you don’t have to wrestle with the dress or even worse, dress pants.  In which case they end up on the floor and hopefully nobody pissed on the floor.  Next back up to the toilet while holding your plug in the other hand.  You’re going to squat in high heels.  If you workout this may be a little easier.  I found high heels don’t know if you workout or not, especially when you’re drinking.


The manner in which you have to squat in heels is not going to be a straight down squat, you pitch forward.  Don’t forget to brace yourself with the tissue hand against the wall or the stall as you squat.  Unless you want to face plant yourself into the door.  If you somehow manage to pee with all that going on, I applaud you.  Same rules apply while standing away from the toilet as before.  Hold onto the plug until you’re safely away. 


My Sir has already said He’s getting me the XL plug.  Said it’s less expensive than replacing a toilet and cleaning up a flood. 


Without Permission

It was another one of those weeks without seeing one another and by the time the weekend rolled around, both of U/us are crawling the walls for each other.  Can’t the car go any damn faster??  Why are these people in my way?  Drive!!


I’m at the house and beside Him in record time, naked and ready to serve.  He takes His time running His hands across my flesh.  Having me turn around and grab my ankles so He can run His fingers through the cracks and crevices.  I’m already dripping. 


Wordlessly He gets my collar and threads it around my neck, then leads me upstairs for His massage.


But first………..


He wants my ass filled to keep my mind on what’s to come. 


He leads me to the head of the table, removing the head piece and bends me over it, spreading my legs.  He positions a mirror at the side and tells me to turn my head.  I have a clear shot of my backside.  He says He’ll be right back.


He returns a few moments later and while I’m looking at the mirror, I can see Him kneel down between my legs, put on nitrile gloves and lube up His fingers.  He has set down the heavy stainless steel butt plug next to Him.   “Spread your ass cheeks.”  He commands.  I immediately do as I’m told. 


His lubed up fingers start to probe my ass. Using both hands.  First one, then two.  I moan and can see in the mirror Him looking back at me.  Then another.  Massaging me open.  He slides all the way in.  Then a fourth.  I’m such an ass whore, it doesn’t take long to get me ready.  He plays with me.  Making me moan and want more.  I close my eyes at the delicious feeling of being filled and stretched open. 


“Open your eyes.”  His voice is stern.  “I don’t want you to miss a thing.”  He tells me, still looking at me. 


All of His fingers slide out and in slides the butt plug.  He pushes and turns it around as it nestles into me.  Finding my G Spot through the wall and making me instantly dripping wet. 


“Ok.  Stand up.”  He grins as I stand and adjust to the weight and feeling.


Oh, to do a massage for an hour with a big butt plug in your ass.  If you don’t think for one second your mind is constantly on your backside, think again……I should do a piece about how to not crack the toilet to smithereens when taking a piss and having a butt plug in. 


Back downstairs.  I wait for Him in bed, getting warmed up.  He’s down several minutes later after getting the playroom ready for me and climbs into bed.  He immediately starts kissing me, running His hands all over my skin and telling me partly what He plans to do with me while guiding my hand to His cock.  I play with the head, knowing it drives Him crazy. 


He throws back the covers and rolls me back and is above me.  “I think I want your cunt with that plug still in your ass.”


He slides in.  There’s no need for lube.  I’m soaking wet.  I love the feeling of being full in both holes. 


“Why is your hand doing nothing?”  He asks.


My hand immediately goes to my clit and I tighten as I rub.


“Put your other hand at my cock.”  My other hand reaches down, my fingers spreading around the shaft.  “Now stick two fingers in on each side.”  My first two fingers slither their way into my pussy and on each side of His cock.  He pinches and pulls on one of my nipples.  It’s going to make me cum.  The sensations are incredible.


“Don’t hold back.  Cum for Me.”  It’s all it takes.  The order. 


He waits for me to relax, reaches down and removes my plug. 




W/we head back upstairs and I’m not sure what I’m in for by the site before me.  Of course He loves to keep me guessing. 


There’s a large, high backed leather chair with arm rests.  A white towel draped over all of it.  It looks like something is underneath the towel.


He leads me over to the chair and I discover as I’m sitting down, one of the foam wedges is underneath me, propping my ass up.  His red rope is sitting off to the side and He begins to wordlessly tie my wrists to the armrests.  After He is satisfied with how that looks and feels, He goes to the closet and returns with my leather thigh restraints and a length of heavy chain.  Once the harnesses are on and secure, He threads the chain around the chair and hooks the ends to each of my thighs. 


He comes back with one of His mirrors and positions it so I can see how effectively I am opened up to Him.    My knees pulled back and spread as wide as they’ll go.  He leans down to my ear, “See how beautiful you look?” 


“Thank You, Sir.”  I whispered out.


Fingers trail across my hair as He goes to the other side of the room.  I didn’t see the fucking machine had a large dildo on it when I walked in.  He moves it directly in front of me.  I can see it clearly in the reflection of the mirror as He positions it into my pussy, starts the motor and pours lube all over me and the dildo.   He stands behind the mirror.  Watching the machine fuck His toy.  He smiles and says “What are your safewords?”  I repeat them.  He walks over to me with a ball gag, clover clamps and a single clothes pin.  In the mouth goes the gag.  “What do you do in place of safewords?”  I shake my head violently and grunt.  “Good girl.”


He turns to the machine to do a slight adjustment and I manage to slide the gag to the right and say “More lube.” 


“You need more lube?”  He asks.


“No.  Just practicing.”  Batting my eyes and slobbering down my chin since the ball gag is so big and half way out of my mouth. 


“Bitch.”  He chuckles and cranks up the machine a notch.  I’m going to pay for my bratty statement.  I moan through the gag as He slides it back and tightens it.  His hand reaches down between my thighs and starts to rub the lube all over me and the dildo.  Feeling me and it moves in and out of my pussy. 


He walks over to the dresser and takes out one of His toys.  It’s like a Hitachi but has a smaller, more concentrated tip on it and holds it up to my clit.  My eyes roll in their sockets.  God it feels so good. 


He pulls it away.  I start whining through the gag.  All He does is smile and gets the clamps from the top of the chair and attaches them as moans escape my mouth.  While I’m getting used to the clamps, He takes the clothes pin and grips it on my clit.  I’m going into sensory overload.  My body doesn’t know what to do except be a whore. 


He stands back and surveys the scene.  Telling me I’m just His little fucktoy while He strokes His cock.  He loves to use me. 


He lets me take it for a while, how long I’m not even sure.  I’m consumed with pleasure to even know.  My eyes are half way closed and I’m close to cumming from being fucked by the machine that I don’t notice Him reach between my legs and rip off the clothes pin.


I snap to attention and my back arches off the chair.  I feel the chain from the clamps being pulled.  The Hitachi is on and teasing my clit.  “You can’t help it, can you?”  He asks.  I can’t even answer.  I’m trying not to cum without permission.  The machine is turned up faster.   God help me to hold on.  The chain is pulled harder and the Hitachi is steady against me. 


“You’re just a little whore, loving the fact you’re being used.”  I can’t answer back at all even without a gag in my mouth.  He’s not going to stop until He forces me to cum.  “Too bad there’s not an audience.”  He says.  “Don’t you dare cum.  Don’t” He warns.  He’s not stopping and I can’t help it.  I cut loose and cum without permission.  Twice. 


I think He’s been waiting for me to do that.  To cum without permission but not because I was being a brat.  But because I just couldn’t help myself.


Because of that, He doesn’t let me stop.  He keeps going and forces me to cum over and over until I start to whine to stop.  I push the gag to the side and beg to stop.  I don’t think I have another one in me by then.  I’m delirious and cum drunk. 


He just looks at me and abruptly stops the machines.  All at once.  He lets me loose little by little and finally I’m out of my restraints and being lead downstairs where He scoops me up and kisses all over my face.  I had been in that position and forced to cum for almost an hour.   I was spent.  But we’re not done.


My hand is near His cock and I feel Him hard against me.  I instinctively reach out to stroke Him.  He breathes heavily into the side of my face and I slide down to worship His cock.  I slide the head into my mouth, one hand around His balls the other around His shaft.  He moans.  Sliding all the way down to the base and back up.  Sucking the head again.  It becomes this ancient rhythm.  He tells me to go wild on Him and I obey.  Up and down, with my hand, without, sucking hard, licking, taking Him all the way in, bobbing hard to the back of my throat.  It doesn’t take long and I taste pre-cum.  I hear Him tell me “I don’t care what you do with it, just take it.”  And He cums in my mouth, all over my face. 


He’s breathing hard, my face is covered in cum and He says “you came without permission.”




My Sir loves to surprise me.  He builds His own bondage furniture and I always forget He has my measurements for clothing and shoes. 


I go into the house and put down my things, undress and hurry to Him.   He always waits for me lounging on His bed.  My collar on the bedside table.  But today I’m met halfway there.  His hands all over me, kissing me deeply for several minutes.  I could kiss Him for hours.


“How do you feel today?”  He asks as He pulls back from my face slightly.


“I’m good, Sir.”  I say staring at His lips.  I can see Him smile as He leads me back to the bedroom. 


He takes my collar and secures it around my neck.   I sigh because I love the way it feels. 


“Come.  Worship my cock.”  He tells me.  I eagerly jump onto the bed and immediately rub my face across the shaft and into His balls.  Inhaling Him as I do.  “Just your lips.”  He orders in a low voice.  I gently rub my lips and face all over Him.  He lets me do this for a few minutes, and then tells me I may use my tongue but not to take Him into my mouth.    I can hear Him moan.  “Take the head into your mouth.”  My lips wrap around Him, my tongue stroking the underside as I slide Him in and out of my mouth.  His hands thread through my hair and push me all the way down the shaft to the back of my throat. 


“On your knees.”  Came the order.  Ass up head down came my response.  He slams His cock into my pussy grabbing my hips.  My breath hitches and I match His movements.  “you have such a nice little cunt.  Sometimes I don’t pay attention to it like I should.”  My hands make their way underneath me and to His balls.


“Pull my balls and stroke the shaft with your other hand, baby.”  He tells me.  He thrusts deeper into me. 


He pulls me up.  “Get the Hitachi.”


I find it on the side table and bring it to His open hand.  His other hand back into my hair and pushing me onto His cock.  I’m already on my knees next to Him and He’s able to connect the Hitachi to my clit.  Making it so hard to concentrate on my assigned task. 


I can’t say anything.  Only moan and make little noises.  My mouth is full of cock and I’m close to cumming.   I can feel the wave wanting to sweep over me.  His cock going in and out of my mouth.  I know I’m not allowed to stop.  All I hear is “I want you to cum.”  I explode and He’s still in my mouth.   Cumming and not clenching your jaw while a cock is down your throat is a real art and He loves when I lose it while He’s in my mouth. 


He pushes me back onto my knees.  My hair is wild and I’m breathing hard.  I want more.  He knows it and tells me I’m going to give Him His massage first.  I’m dripping and have to put my hands all over Him for an hour while thinking about it. 


“Upstairs.”  He orders and takes me by the back of the neck and leads me to the playroom where I take out the frustrations of His work week for the next hour. 


This is where I can talk freely in the playroom.  About anything.  Who do W/we want to add to play?  What is it that I would like to try?  What is it that He would like to try?  The up and coming work week.  How are my studies coming along?  


After the hour is up, He wants to go back downstairs.  He hands me the towels and sheets from the massage table and tells me to put them downstairs and to go ahead and stay warm in His bed.  He’s going to put up the massage table.  I do as I’m told and climb into bed.  Eventually He comes down and joins me, wrapping around each other.


W/we talk and relax.  Something tells me not to get too relaxed.  But the banter is light and the kissing is intoxicating.   I have no idea how long W/we stayed downstairs, maybe thirty minutes or so.  Eventually, He wants to play.  “Let’s go, my slut.”  He says. 


He leads me back upstairs and is right behind me with a hand on the back of my neck.  He’s deliberately steering me towards the playroom and as I turn the corner I let out something between a gasp and a squeal.  My mind starts to reel. 


Sir has built a custom jointed bondage table!  I may faint.  Really.  I see plastic wrap close by.  Heaven awaits.


My eyes are wide and I’m smiling at the very thought of being strapped on.  It takes great restraint on my part to not run over and just jump up like a little kid. 


He guides me over and helps me onto the pads, putting me into place.  Telling me He had a few minutes that week to create it.  God, I think I have tears in my eyes when He walks over with the plastic wrap.  He starts wrapping my arms in place.  Not saying a word.  I can already feel myself slipping to that place. 


The wrap is snug around my arms.  He plays a little with me by pretending to want to wrap my face, but crosses down to my chest and shoulders.  He wraps me in like a cocoon all the way down to my ankles.  I feel like a baby in swaddling.  So safe and secure.  My ass is hanging off the bench slightly with my holes easily accessible.  He walks around the table, running His hands across the slippery surface.


“Comfortable?”  He inquires.


“Yes, Sir.”  It came out a whisper.  I’m in heaven.


He walks away and returns with His trauma scissors and cuts a little cross at my bellybutton.  After pulling the wrap slightly back He attacks it His tongue for a moment.  Then He cuts around my nipples, exposing them.  I’m already dripping wet as He blindfolds me. 


“You are just My little fucktoy today.”  He says to me.  No answer, I just let out a little moan.  I’ll be anything He wants.  


This is where I tell you that I’ve really have to think about the following events.  The play was so intense that I felt like time stopped and there were many times I thought I was losing my mind in pure pleasure.  My Sir said at times I was incoherent.  So here it goes…….


I can feel His hands feeling how wet I already was.  Dripping.  All of a sudden a riding crop.  Over and over on my clit.  Not hard at first.  Just enough to have my attention.  He stops and then His tongue is on me.  Pain to pleasure.  Pain to pleasure.  I’m already heading into subspace.  He knows my mind gets completely crazed with the back and forth.  It’s only the beginning.


“We have all afternoon for you to cum.”  He stops when He hears me moan a certain way.  I’m already close and let out a little whine.  His fingers are at my nipples and I wasn’t aware He had moved to my side.  He pulls on them and I feel the clover clamps nestle in.  More moans escape my lips and He bends over to run His tongue across mine.  He tweaks a nipple while walking away. 


I hear the Hitachi turn on.  Then off.  Then on.  Then off.  Then on.   I can hear Him threading it through the ring in the ceiling, laying it rest on my stomach.  I feel lube being dripped all over my pussy and ass and the snap of a glove.  His fingers starting to probe my already excited asshole.   The Hitachi is now at my clit.  Oh.  My.  God. 


He plays with my ass, getting it ready.  One finger, then two, then three, then four.  He had to tell me that.  I was so crazed with pleasure I couldn’t remember.  He removes them and slides one of His dildos into me.  Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck………..I am going to die from pure ecstasy.  I can only move my head slightly and moan loudly.  I’m sure I asked to cum or please don’t stop.  But not yet.  He stops and moves the Hitachi slightly to the right.  Still on, but not touching any buttons.  He removes the dildo.  And waits.  I’m panting.  I want to cum.  Little sounds go past the pants.  He slides the dildo back in and turns the Hitachi on.  Not stopping until I beg to cum.  “Quietly.  Thank Me for cumming.”  He orders.  I can barely speak as I cum and squirt.


The riding crop is back.  Or is it a wooden spoon.  God, I have no idea.  But it feels so fucking good.


He walks away again.  My breathing is deep.  I need another release.  He bends over my face and says “Ready?”  I feel His fingers grasp the nipple clamps.  My head goes back as the first one comes off and immediately He grabs the nipple with His mouth and sucks hard.  It goes straight to my cunt.  I let out an “Oh my God.”


He plays with my nipple with his teeth.  He turns His attention to the other one.  Grabbing my sensitive nipple in His mouth after the clamp comes off.  God I could cum like this.  And I might.  He kisses me again and walks away. 


I feel something being inserted into my ass.  It’s not very big.  He turns on the egg shaped vibrator.  I only know what it is because of the sound it makes.  Playing with the settings until He gets the one He wants.  The Hitachi is still resting to the side of my clit and He is between my legs again, thrusting into my pussy and putting the vibrating Hitachi on my clit. 


There’s no way I’ll be able to hang on and not cum.  My mind and body are already exploding and everything that comes out of my mouth is a jumbles request to please cum.  I think it went something like this:  “ohmygodmayipleasepleasecumSir!” and  “pleasepleaseineddtocummyayipleasecum,Sir!”  He had to tell me that, too.  I do remember Him saying “Cum for me.”  He rips back the blindfold to watch my face.


I left my body and lost my mind.  And when the first one crashed over me, I waved over again.  The second one even more intense.  I may have cum again after that.  I’m not sure.  This has to be what heaven feels like.   Completely bound and being used.  Knowing my pleasure is what is important to Him.  Him knowing I give my body to use for His pleasure. 


He isn’t done with me.  He slides out the little egg.  Smartly incased in a condom for easy removal.  The Hitachi resting against my side.  That was probably one of the most intense orgasms and tears slip down the side of my face.  He’s watching me intently.   If you only knew how much I loved this Man. 


He slides my blindfold back on and I feel copious amounts of lube.  All over me.  I hear the snap of another pair of gloves and then He’s massaging me.  All over my pussy and ass and slightly up my inner things.


“It’s your turn for a little massage, my slut.”  He tells me.


Oh.  My.  God.  I’m not sure how much more I can take.  “Yes, Sir.”  I squeak out.    


His hands are slow and deliberate.  In and out of the V of my thighs.  Massaging the oil into my skin.  Slipping a finger occasionally into one of my holes.  It feels amazing after being used.  


More fingers slide in and out of me.  And soon all fingers are inside of me.  One hand in my pussy and one in my ass. 




His fingers find my spot to send me into another wave of orgasms.   Various Oh my Gods, ShitShitShit, FuckFuckFuck leave my lips. 


He gently removes the blind fold and is smiling at me.


My eyes adjust to the light from the window behind me and eventually I say “Best.  Surprise.  Ever.”


He is pleased with me and I am in that happy place.  He takes off His gloves and returns with the trauma scissors and cuts me out, limb by limb.  The rush of air hitting my skin as the plastic wrap is pulled away from me and the table.  I can remember feeling sweaty against the leather as He helped me up.  And the emotion that swept over me as I stood up and against Him to regain my balance.  Holding me as I started to weep. 


Eventually W/we made our way back to His bedroom and under the covers where I was between tears and smiling from it all.  Coming back to Earth.  Heavenly.


Once I was down and coherent He puts my hands around His cock.


He’s not done.


Reaching over to the nightstand, He gets the lube and squirts some on top of the head of His cock and my hands.  I massage it all over.  He’s ready for me.


“On your stomach, spread your ass cheeks.”


I roll over quickly and with one hand on my shoulders and the other around His cock, He slides into my ass telling me how much He loves fucking it.  My face is pressed into the mattress.  My ass is full and He slides out again and goes to my side grabbing the lube and telling me to play with His cock.  He doesn’t want to cum that quickly.  I can tell He’s ready for His own explosion after all of the play.  He’s ready again and rolls me over, sliding back into my ass.


“Beg for me to fuck your ass and fill it with cum.” 


I beg like a little girl. “Pleasepleaseplease cum in my ass” into the mattress.  His hands gripping my neck and shoulders.  His thrusts are deep and He looses it inside of me.  Pumping me until He’s completely drained.









Anal, anal, anal

When you say the word “Anal” you get one of three reactions:  a) “Oh hell yes!”  b)  “Oh hell no!”  c)  crickets.  Nothing.  Silence.


I have to admit I was in the “b” category back in the day simply because I tried it with someone that had NO idea what he was doing.  As a result, I shied away from it.  Wasn’t going to happen.  No, no.  No, no.  It wasn’t a good experience and I was positive it never would be. 


It wasn’t until much later that I have come to understand and absolutely love anal sex.  My Sir and I both love anal.  I now prefer anal orgasms over vaginal ones.  They’re so much more intense.  He also took it slowly with me until He knew I was completely ready.   Now I’m His little anal slut. 


 Patience is going to be your virtue.


So you want to try anal?  Read this as a guide, not the gospel.   The best way is usually on her forearms and knees, ass in the air.  Always with consent.   


Lube.  Consent.  Lube.  Start with one finger.  Lube.  Get her used to it.  Lube.  Take your time with her.  Lube.  Does it feel good to her?  Lube.  If the answer is yes, try another finger, slowly.  Lube.  If it didn’t. Stop and try again another time.  Lube.  If two fingers feel good, use the Hitachi on her clit at the same time.  Lube.  Lightly press into the wall towards the vagina where the G Spot would be located, lightly rub.  Hopefully you hear moans and “Oh my god” and if you do, get ready for HELLO MASSIVE ORGASM!


Go with the one and two finger route until she’s ready for a third finger or a butt plug.  Once she’s completely comfortable with accepting three fingers or the plug with plenty of lube, then you can introduce your cock.


Let’s talk about lube for a second.  Don’t use petroleum jelly or the cheap stuff at the store.  Buy a good quality lube and use plenty of it.  This isn’t the time to skimp on the amount.    


Ok……is she ready for your cock?  This could take a few days, maybe a few weeks.  Go slowly; you’ll be glad you did.   Use your fingers to get her ready.  And lube.  Lube your cock as well.   Slowly introduce the head of your cock to her little asshole, having her lightly push like she’s using the bathroom.  It will allow the head to slide past the opening easier.  Once you’re in, slowly slide all the way to the base of your cock.  Let her get used to the feeling of being full.  This is a real act of submission for most people.  The reward for her in all of this is her own mind blowing orgasm. 


Some love the feeling of being filled.  Others love the feeling of being “busted into” with the head of your cock, still others love the feeling of your cock going all the way in and then all the way out.  Will she cum with only your cock inside of her?  Maybe she will, maybe she won’t.  Hopefully she will.  Hopefully she’ll love all of it.  Once you know she’s completely receptive to your cock in her ass, you can then find your rhythm.   Now get ready for your HELLO MASSIVE ORGASM! 


With patience, a little practice and plenty of lube, anal can be an extremely enjoyable part of your sex life. 


a slave’s affirmation

I am a slave because it is my heart to serve my Master, through love, devotion, and trust, I give Him all I am, and strive to be. I submit myself entirely for His desire’s, heart, soul, mind, and body, and find great joy in this submission.  This does not make me a doormat, nor am I required to kneel at the feet of any Dominant. I am an incredibly strong, intelligent woman, with my own dreams and desires. I serve because it pleases me to make my Master happy, and fill Him with great pride. 
This submission makes me feel wonderful, complete, beautiful, and special. I need it because without it, I am not completely fulfilled. I am not living my true path at His feet. – Unknown

I found this while trolling the internet and it’s exactly how I feel about my submission to my Sir.