I Have A Present For You, Sir……..

So, I choose to take a little break from social media for a while. W/we traveled and I studied for an exam. W/we had amazing play and found a luscious little toy to play with. So I’m back to it………….

“I have a present for You, Sir.”

When one starts off a conversation with that line, it gets Their attention.

“Oh, really? And what would that be?” He asks me.

“Rosie.” A single word and conversation comes to a complete halt.

I have to tell you just who Rosie is. Of course that’s not her real name and when asked if she would like to be included in my blog, it didn’t take long for her to come up with what she wanted to be called. I think less than 30 seconds. She has the milkiest white skin. Tattoos all over and beautiful, long auburn hair. She reminds me of a Suicide Girl and I’ve nicknamed her “luscious.” She’s also much younger and has little experience in the BDSM world, but is smart and knows what she wants. And I like her outside of the realm in vanilla situations.

Back to your bedtime story………

Dead. Silence.

I had anticipated surprise so when He says “Now wait a second. What do you mean Rosie? I thought you were thinking she was too green for us?”

“I decided to investigate a little further. At first I thought she was cut off the island because of who she played with one time. But I thought I was being irrational and wanted to know her first. So I reached out to her.” I think my explanation pleased Sir for all He said was “I didn’t think it was possible to love you more. But I think it is.”

“So what shall W/we do with her?” Was His next question. “Invite her to dinner, of course.” Was His answer.

I’m not going into how dinner was. Too mundane to talk about negotiations and such. That’s an entirely different subject to talk about if one wishes. But play………

I come into His house and I’m immediately greeted and told to strip. He wanted to wash me Himself.

He takes me to the master bath and turns on the shower telling me to let Him know when I’m ready. I quickly lather up and wash up, calling for Him. He is stripped down and joins me into the shower. Immediately spinning me around to face the back of the shower, which is clear and faces the tub. His hands running down my back and He bends me at the waist. “Get your hands up.” He tells me. He lathers His hands with soap. I feel His fingers probe my pussy and ass. Fingers sliding in and out of my holes. He likes for me to be clean so He can make a mess of me.

“I want you to be clean so I can force Rosie’s face into your ass while she licks and sucks all of your bits.” He’s talking at the back of my ear. One hands sliding in and out and the other propping Himself up.

“Yes, Sir.” I’m already excited and she’s not even at the house yet.

He takes His time washing me up and tells me to finish what I’m doing and join Him in the bedroom. I dry off and pull my hair back and go to Him on the bed. My collar goes on and I lay next to Him. Talking about what’s about to happen.

The doorbell goes off. And He greets her at the door. I’m laying face down on His bed. From that point one can into the master bedroom.

“We’re naked obviously. Join U/us if you would like.” He tells her. She strips down and lies down next to me.

The first time you play with someone it can be a little nerve racking so W/we really want to make her feel comfortable first. Sir comes up behind me and starts talking about boundaries and limits and what He expects out of her. Including a shower and cleaning her up.

Like I said – I won’t bore you with the talking……….

He gets up and turns on the shower for her and she follows, pulling her long hair up, getting in and He leaves her until she’s ready. He comes to me and pulls me to Him. “I love you……” and kisses me deeply.

She says she’s ready and He goes into the shower. I follow and get into the tub, facing her as He pushes her into the glass of the shower. Making her look at me as He washes her inside and out. I lock eyes and don’t move mine from her face. My arms behind my back. She’s enjoying the humiliation already and fingers in her ass.

“I think she could be an ass whore, dear.” Says Sir

“Yes, Sir. I believe W/we could turn her into one.”

“Do you like your ass played with, Rosie?” He asks her.


“Yes, Sir.” I said immediately, correcting her.

“Yes, Sir.” Came her quick reply.

When you have someone play with you and they are pretty new to the lifestyle, you are just as responsible for teaching them as the Dom/Domme.

He keeps cleaning her. Taking her excitement up a notch and abruptly stops. “Get dried off.” He orders.

“Yes, Sir.”

I get out of the tub as He exits the shower and go to the end of the bed with legs spread and arms behind my back. Waiting.

Rosie comes into the bedroom and He takes a training collar off the dresser and attaches around her neck. She joins me at the end of the bed. He puts on our wrists and ankle cuffs.

He stands back and looks over us. “Let’s go.” That means upstairs to the playroom.

She follows me up and into the room. He goes to the chair in the corner and starts to show her how to He likes to start out. By presenting oneself to Him. “Come, my slut.” I go first bending over in front of Him and grabbing my ankles. He spreads my ass cheeks apart.

“Come over here, Rosie. Have a look at what you’ll be getting into today.” She goes beside Him and as she stands there, His face goes to my ass. Taking in my excitement. He spreads my lips, sliding a finger into my pussy, pulling it out and tasting me. He smacks my ass as a sign to stand.

“Your turn.” He tells her. She assumes the same position and He tells me “Your turn to look at what you’ll be getting your lips all over.”

“Yes, Sir.” I say as I come up behind her. He pulls at her pussy lips as He inspects her. “Are you ready to get acquainted?” He asks as His hands move up to pull her ass cheeks apart.

“Yes, Sir.” Comes my reply with a smile.

He slaps her ass and says “Ok, up.” She quickly gets over to me and stands as I do. Waiting. There’s a tray with various stainless toys on it. “You both will be wearing a butt plug. Which one would you like?” She immediately picks out the smaller of the two. I knew she would. “Someone just threw you to the curb, dear.” Grinning at her choice. “Go warm them up if you both wish.” I take the tray and head to one of the bathrooms upstairs. She turns on the hot water and since she’s never heated up these before I tell her to be careful about getting them hot. “Touch your thigh to see if that’s ok.” I whisper as the water heats up. She warms hers up and then mine. Drying them off and replacing them on the tray. We head back into the playroom.

He points at me and then to the floor on the mat. My head at base of the chair. “On the floor. Face down and spread your legs.” He orders. I slide down into position. “Come here and sit between her legs, Rosie.” I feel her kneel behind me and hear Sir getting a few things from the dresser.

“My little slut here is an ass whore. And what an ass it is.” He starts to say. “Go ahead, you may touch it.” Her hands get to my flesh and my hips move up. “Let’s get you both acquainted, shall we?” His hands go around my ass cheeks as well and spread them apart. “Go ahead. Give her a taste.” He encourages.

I feel her tongue circling and then suddenly feel her entire face buried. Her tongue diving in as He presses her face into me. “That’s it. Don’t be shy.” I can hear Him say. Rosie doesn’t hold back and starts to really lick and get into it. “Do you enjoy the way my little whore tastes?” He asks.

“Yes, Sir.” She’s replying between licks. My ass comes up even more to give her better access. She goes back to burying her face in my ass.

“Is our Rosie doing a good job, dear?” He asks me. “Oh, yes Sir.” My moans getting louder the longer she does.

“Enough.” He pulls her up leaving me to look like a cat in heat.

I hear gloves go on and feel lube all around the rim of my opening. He’s explaining how to get someone ready for ass play. “You lube up your fingers and the opening. I like using gloves because it makes it smooth and more slippery for her. Taking the pad of my finger I start to rim her.” My hips go up even more and my hands reach out for the legs of the chair in front of me. I push back.

“And look, she’s already wanting me inside. Take the pad of your finger, press and slide in.” I groan has He slips a finger inside and then another. I feel a third go in as He says “Now slide a finger in with Me.”

“oh my god…..” I love having my ass played with.

The Hitachi clicks on and He finds my clit. The combination sends me into orbit and I need to cum. “Not yet, slut. You hold it.” His voice is stern.

Oh god, yes, Sir..ohmygod.” My hips are on autopilot and I’m trying to think of anything else but it’s becoming impossible.

“Fuck her ass with your fingers with Me.” They move faster and harder. “ohmygodplease…please…please…please…” The begging becomes desperate.

“Should I let you?” He asks. “You brought Me such a lovely present, maybe I should.” He picks up speed again and turns up the Hitachi. “Give it to Me.” I didn’t take long to explode into fuck yes and oh my gods.

Abruptly all fingers and the Hitachi were gone. I feel the steel of the plug up against my opening. He slides it in, letting her watch. “Get to your knees, slut.” He orders.

I push myself up and back on the mat. Rosie looks like she’s ready for more.

“I think it’s Rosie’s turn for a little ass play.” Sir looks at me and I nod in agreement. “Yes, Sir.”

“Now your turn.” He looks at her and she slides forward onto her stomach. Legs spread wide open. I crawl into between and position myself on my knees. “Get to know her, slut.” My hands go out to spread her open, kneading her flesh. I think my mouth was watering about then. “Do you want a taste?” He’s kneeling beside me on the other side of her leg.

“Yes, Sir.” I whispered out.

“Go ahead.” He holds her cheeks open as I start to lick and probe, letting my tongue slide down just before her pussy and then all the way up. The tip dipping in and out of her puckering ass. She starts to move her hips and moan. I see Him take a Liberator cushion to her side. I sit up at His direction and He tells her to lift off the mat, sliding the cushion under her hips. He knows I’ll stay up with my hips no matter what happens, it’s her first time with U/us and He wants easier access.

W/we look her over, her ass nicely propped up and exposed to U/us. I go back to licking and tasting. He pushes my face into her crack and she immediately clenches around my face and lets out a load groan.

“Keep doing that slut.” I spit into her crack and lick it up. “Yes, Sir….” LICK. He moves the Hitachi to her clit and turns it on. Taking it away and putting it back on when she gets to close. I pull her cheeks apart and bury my face into her. His fingers slide into her cunt.

Of all the toys Sir owns, His fingers are my favorite.

She’s letting out little shrieks of pleasure as we work on her holes. The Hitachi getting to her when He feels like it. I catch a glimpse when I come up for air in one of the mirrors of the scene and dive back in.

She wants to come unglued and He tells her “I don’t’ think you’ve earned it.” And stops, pulling me back as well. He turns and kisses me, thrusting His tongue all around my mouth, then the fingers that were in her cunt. “Does she taste good?”

“Yes, Sir…..” and He turns to get her plug ready. I hold her cheeks open as it gets sucked in. She’ll be an ass whore in no time.

“Up. The both of you under the ring. We get up in a hurry and go under the hard point in the ceiling, facing Him. He brings over His red rope and starts to thread a length around Rosie’s wrists and then around mine. Taking both of us under the ring, facing each other, He loops the tails of the rope through. Stretching us up and closer. He makes us get as close as possible, our faces an inch from each other and secures us into the ceiling.

“Happy?” I ask her. She nods, smiles and says “yes.’

“I think I want to watch you two.” He has the backs of our heads in each of His hands and pushes us together lips locking. Each tasting what the other had moments ago. His hands move down to our plugs, playing with them making us wiggle with pleasure.

He gets into her with the Hitachi. Tongues swirling around each others lips. I can’t see what He does to Rosie next, but I’m sure it had something to do with His fingers in her pussy because she immediately reacted with moaning and her little noises when she’s getting excited.

“Would you like to cum?” He asks her.

“Oh yes, Sir….” She breathes into me.

“You’re going to have to beg better than that.” He doesn’t stop and she lets out another load groan.

“Please may I cum, Sir? Please? Please.” Her head goes back and she says “Please.” Again.

“Go ahead. That wasn’t bad for the first time begging, I guess.” He sounds slightly amused and she bends forward, rolling her eyes back. The hard point taking her on as she let go letting out loud moans. She comes back to earth and He turns His attention to me. The Hitachi on my cunt and His thumb pressing into my G spot. I won’t last long and He knows it. I can feel my knees bend, trying to fuck His thumb. My lips lock on and off with hers. All I hear is “Give it to me.” And I pull against the ceiling. Cumming on His command.

He’s getting us out of the rope. We’re still kissing and licking lips. He takes my rope off and leaves her rope on. Separating us. He takes her rope, leading her to the table set up in front of the cross. All of His toys He may want to use are on there.

He helps her lay back onto the table, propped up by the large triangle cushion, her ass resting on part of the hinged “Y” table with her feet on the open legs of the table. He ties each of her feet and ankles to the table and her hands above her head attached to the cross. It makes for a lovely picture to see her tied down and ready for use.

He brings me over to kneel between her legs and tells me “ you are to get Me ready to cum all over her and do what I tell you to do to O/our little toy. “

He looks at her and tells her His cum is for His whore as a reward for being a good girl and that she can’t have any. She nods and says “yes, Sir.”

He takes my head and forces me into her pussy and says “Lick while I get what I need.” I immediately start playing with her piercing. My tongue swirling in and out of her wet hole, going to gently pull on the end of the jewelry with my teeth.

He goes around the table and picks up one of the canes. A skinny one with a lot of sting to it and clenches one of her breasts. Her nipple rings the glaring target as He begins His torture. “My darling whore has so graciously given up her impact today so you can have everything you need. Isn’t that nice of her?” She screeches out a yes and keeps making her little yelps and cute little noises from the pain and pleasure colliding. He grabs on the riding crops and continues to send her over the edge. My face still buried between her thighs.

He taps me with the crop and says “Enough with that. Use your fingers.” My fingers slide easily into her wet little cunt and she starts to moan again. He turns on the Hitachi and brings it to her clit. Her moans getting louder. He pinches a nipple and she starts to wiggle on her perch. He pulls me out of her and the Hitachi away. Smiling down at her. “Not yet.” He says.

He starts smacking her pussy with the crop. Her shrieks getting more and more urgent. He goes back to the cane, getting the inside of her thighs also. Back to the crop. Over and over. She automatically tries to shut her legs and I keep my hands around her knees and push her back, trying to stay out of the way of any strikes.

“Come off the floor, slut. Come around to her side, face Me.” He orders. “Fingers in her cunt. Fuck her fast” He turns on the Hitachi and grabs me around the back of the neck, thrusting His tongue into my mouth.

I wish I had audio of her making all of the noise as she’s getting ready to explode. He pulls away “Are you ready to cum yet?”

“Ahhhhgodyes…” If she could thrash about, she would. The look He gives me is “give it to her.” My fingers move in and out faster and she starts to plead with U/us.

“Give it to me now.” He orders and she thrusts to the side, trying to bury her face into the cushion. He pulls out her plug as she cums, making it even more intense. I take my fingers out of her cunt and He brings my hand to my mouth for me to taste. “Go back in front of her.” I’m quickly back to my knees and He follows.

He’s standing next me, telling us that I’m going to get Him ready to fuck my ass. My mouth takes in His cock and my hands are pulling His balls. Just the way He likes. She’s watching U/us. His fingers slide into her cunt as I work on His cock.

He hauls me up and pushes me on top of her, spreading my cheeks and removing my plug. Replacing it with His cock. My eyes are on hers as He slides into me. My fingers digging into her flesh as He slips in and out. He grinds into me, grabbing my shoulders. Sliding out of me and switches on the Hitachi and slipping His fingers into my pussy. Holding onto the lovely flesh of Rosie combined with His insistent fingers and the Hitachi. I want to cum almost immediately and He’s telling me to give it to Him. My eyes roll to the back of my head and fingers dig a little more into her sides, cumming. Suddenly He stops and wants my hands around Him again.

I fall back to my knees again like a little girl, letting out a squeal of delight to be able to have His cock again. Playing with the head, driving Him crazy. His fingers plunge back into her cunt and He attacks her G spot until she begs to cum again. He grabs my wrists and hauls me back up to lay across her. Sliding back into my ass. He doesn’t want to cum inside of me, He wants to cum all over her skin, so I can lick it up. He’s getting close and pushes me back to my knees. I take His cock in my hand as He stands over her pussy and pump everything out of Him.

“Clean her up and no sharing. I’ll be right back.” He says still breathing hard.

“Yes, Sir.” I start licking her clean.

“You’re fun. Want to do this again?” I ask between licks.

“You’re fun, too. Absolutely.” She tells me.

He returns with a warm, wet towel and cleans her up. She remarks nobody has ever done that for her before. He cleans her up and I help Him untie and get her standing.

Time for her impact.

She comes over to stand by me in the middle of the room as He takes the tables away from the cross and has her come over to Him. Attaching all limbs to the cross. He brings out the “mop”, a gorgeous custom flogger made of Elk. It’s heavy and very thuddy when it hits the flesh. You can also smell it from across the room.

I stand back out of any strike zone to watch. I rarely get to see Him from this vantage point. He runs the flogger up her back and across her shoulders before beginning. He likes to warm you up during impact, making you want more and more.

One flogger after another. Then the canes and dragon’s tails. The yardstick. The belt. She’s fighting it, not giving in yet. The paddles. The yardstick again. Then the singletail. That’s where I watch her shoulders relax and her head goes down. She’s there. He tests her reaction with a cane. She’s floaty and doesn’t look to feel it.

He doesn’t know her well enough yet on how long to keep her under and decides after a few minutes to bring her back up. Bringing out the “Mop” again to give softer hits. He motions me over to help Him get her down out of cuffs. He tells me to take her to the bedroom and get into bed.

We get downstairs and I crawl up behind her. This is the first time I’ve seen her like this, so I just hold her. She cries. I tell her it’s ok to let go and she does. It feels so good to let all the shit of life go in that moment. He comes in a few minutes later and lies down next to us asking her what it is she needs.

Right then, I think she was content but needed chocolate.


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