The Quickie-Monster

Not every scene has to be an elaborate BDSM scene.  Not every need has to be met over the course of hours.  No collar, I felt like it was there the second I say “Hello, Sir.”  Sometimes the need is immediate.  The want is high and sometimes instead of food you get to be tied up and fucked. 


It’s in the early afternoon.  Lunch time for most. 


“I need your service today.”  He told me.


I go over in shorts and a t-shirt.  No makeup.  I can hear Him upstairs. 


“I’ll be down in a minute.”  I hear. 


“Hello, Sir.”  I call back.  I settle my stuff in a chair and He starts down the stairs and greets me with a kiss.  “You’re overdressed, my dear.”  He drawls out. 


I smile and quickly get undressed.  He does the same in front of me, takes me by the hand and W/we head to the playroom.  He positions me under the hook in the ceiling and goes to the closet for His rope.   Talking about little things, nothing really, He ties my hands and wrists together and loops me into the ceiling.


 His hands are all over my skin, pinching and pulling my nipples.  Running down my sides and to my ass, pulling my hips to Him as He circles around me.  He buries His face into my neck and hair as I’m pulled back into Him.  He pulls back and starts to warm up my ass with smacks of His hand.  I immediately push my ass out to accept each hit, creeping up onto my toes.  He walks away and goes back to the closet. 


The new toy.  His single tail whip has arrived.  I can see the delight in His eyes as He takes it out and works it through His hands then flicking it through the air.  My nipples are the recipient of it’s sharp end.  I pull my head back, sucking in my breath.  He circles around to my ass and lets me have a little taste of back and forth thrashing.  I’m on my toes for an all together different reason by then.  The inside of my thigh gets the final crack!  I let out a little scream.


“Not the full intensity today, my slut.”  I’m told.  “Yes, Sir.”  I’m saying as my mind is looking for the new nickname for it.  He puts His new toy away and walks over to the dresser and gets a glove and slips it on.  Lubes up His gloved fingers and gets the Hitachi in the other hand.  He comes to my side, His fingers find my ass and starts to massage me open.  The Hitachi flicks on and He finds my clit with the other hand.  I suddenly want to impale myself onto His fingers.  He slides one in, then two.  The Hitachi is working its way around my clit.  Making me want more.  He slides in three.  I’m on my toes, my knees are bent and I’m trying to glide myself up and down.


“Please…..”  It was a whisper.  “Pleasepleasepleaseplease…..”


“Please what? You’re ready to cum?  What a little slut you are.”  He says.   I moan my answer.  His face is at the side of mine, His tongue flicking out to find my ear.  My neck.  It hits me like a freight train and it can’t be stopped.


“OhmygodpleasemayIcumpleasepleasepleasemayIcum…..”  It all comes rushing out.  “I can’t stop, please may I cum.” 


“Now.”   He whispers at me and I explode and, I think, squirt all over the Hitachi.


He unties me from the ceiling.  Leaving my wrists and hands tied together and forces me to my knees, shoving His cock into my mouth.  His hands hold my head as He slides slowly to the back of my throat then out again.  He walks away leaving me to whimper for Him.  Going to the closet He returns with one of the red Liberator wedges.  He puts it down next to me and guides me to my stomach.  My ass in the air. 


It doesn’t take a moment for Him to accept the invitation.  Fucking my pussy while His thumb slides into my ass.  His other hand digs into my hip, pulling me back as He continues to thrust.   


Suddenly He pulls out.  Of both holes.  I push my ass into the air like a cat.  Needing more.  He puts the Hitachi at my clit and slides His fingers into my ass.  My hips take over and He matches the rhythm of my grinding to His fingers fucking my ass.


“Oh my God that feels so good please don’t stop….please don’t stop.”  I start to beg over and over. 


“Oh god please….may I cum.”  My voice goes up as I get ready to explode.  I’m there and He speeds up His fingers, fucking me harder.


“Oh, fuck please…pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasemayIcumpleasemayIcum”  I bear down on the Hitachi and my voice goes up even further. 


“Yes…”  Comes the command.


“OH.MY.GOD.OH.FUCK.”  I couldn’t tell how many times I say that as the release sweeps over me.  He lets me ride the wave and I hear the glove being removed and He flips me over.  My ass propping me up on the wedge.  My legs are spread open and He’s on His knees in front of me.  He unwraps my hands from the rope.  The Hitachi is back in His left hand, His cock in His right. 


“Play with your clit.”  My hand goes to my clit and starts to rub.  “Faster.”  He tells me.  The Hitachi sits just below that, the vibrations going deep into my cunt.  He’s watching me as His other hand strokes His cock.  I pull my legs back.  “That’s right, put on a show for me.”


My fingers move faster as He pushes the Hitachi a little further into me.  Jesus I’m going to cum again.


“Fuck that’s hot.”  He’s watching and stroking.


“May I cum for You, Sir…please.  Please.”  I beg over and over.


“Yes…look at me when you do.”  He commands. 


“ohmygodyesohmygodyes…..”  I try to keep my eyes at His.  So hard to do when your brain is shattering.


The Hitachi gets flung across the floor and His cock slams into my pussy.  Fucking me harder and harder.  My hands grab the wedge and I ask “May a squeeze my cunt for You, Sir?”


“Oh, God yes…….fuck.” 



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