Here kitty, kitty, kitty………

I walk into Sir’s house and hear “I’ll be right down” from the rooms upstairs.  I get undressed and ready to present myself.  I had been instructed to bring a pair of extremely high peacock blue patent leather shoes that I discovered in my closet.


He comes down to greet me at the bottom of the stairs.  “Come.  You’re putting on a fashion show for Me.”  He tells me.  “Bring the shoes.”


I follow Him into the bedroom and He puts on my collar then He starts taking packages out of the dresser.  And I adore dress up.  One outfit after another He puts on me and I model each one.  He holds one in His hand for last.  It’s hot pink and I can’t tell what it looks like.  After trying on all the mesh and the tulle and the colorful, He unravels the last one.  It’s actually one tiny piece of see through hot pink fabric that only covers two inches of my midsection.  The rest is just a series of bands that go around my boobs and connect to the midsection and then splits to reveal my pussy.  One tiny thread of a piece connects it all on my backside.  He thinks it’ll be a perfect pool party outfit.  Especially with my heels.


He orders me to kneel on the bed.  All of the connections still allow for His cock to slide into either hole.  “Perfect.”  He says.  His hands gliding over my ass and thighs. 


“Ok, upstairs.  You’re going to help Me getting everything set up today.” 


“Yes, Sir.”  As He gets a hold of the back of my neck and guides me to the stairs.  I start to walk up and about halfway up I look back, realizing He’s not behind me.  He’s looking at me walking up and I can see there will be no massage today.  He’s going to use me now.  And then He’s right behind me. 


I walk down into the playroom and stand in the middle, my hands behind my back.  There’s a bright green stability ball by the dresser and He rolls it over the corner chair, holding His hand out to me.  I walk over and He tells me to sit.  “Now put your foot up on the ball.”  It effectively opens me up as I prop my foot on top of it. “Play with your cunt while I set up.”  He orders.  I lick my fingers and start rubbing my clit.  He watches me for a moment while stroking His cock and tells me not to enter myself, just rub the clit only while He gets the massage table out and positions it against the cross. 


Every time He brings out a piece of equipment, He looks at me rubbing myself.  Next He brings out a leather stool that He puts in front of the table.  Then comes a large Liberator triangle that is put onto the massage table.  He watches me again, telling me to rub just a little harder.  He turns His attention back to the setting up and gets two lengths of chain and stirrups that He attaches to the top of the cross.  There is a length of rope sitting on the table.  


He walks over to me and takes my hand away from my pussy, pulling me up to stand and turn around.  “Kneel on the chair.”  He tells me and I get my knees down into the seat.  My hands clenching the arm rests.  His fingers slide into my cunt and then I feel His cock slam into me.  My face being pressed into the back of the chair.  My breath hitches from being entered.


“Such a nice little cunt.”  He says as His fingers dig into my hips.  He slides out abruptly, pulls me up and sits down.  “Turn around and slide onto my cock.”  I take His cock into my pussy and use His legs and ride up and down.  “Such a good fucktoy.”  I groan in response and reach down to play with His balls.  He speeds up the pace by taking my by the hips and plunging me down onto Him. 


He pushes me up.  “I don’t want to cum yet, slut.  Lick yourself off of me.”  I go my knees and lick all of my juices off of His cock and around the base.  He watches me for several minutes.  “Good girl.  Now get up.”


I rise to my feet as He gets off the chair and decides I don’t need my hot pink piece of string on anymore.  He slides the fabric down my shoulders and down my legs to step out of it.  Leaving me with my heels on.  “I think it’s time for the table, dear.”  He whispers at my face and takes my hand. 


He backs me up to the leather stand in the front and has me sit on it then leans me back onto the Liberator.   He takes both my legs and brings them to my chest and one by one puts them into the stirrups that are secured around my ankles.  He takes my arms above my head and ties them together, securing them to the cross. 


“Comfy?”  He asks, stroking one of my extended legs.


“Yes, Sir.”  I breathe out.  Clearly loving the position I find myself in. 


He goes to the closet and returns with the riding crop.  He starts to tap my pussy.  I groan.  He concentrates on my clit.   Making me swollen and wet in seconds.  “Yeeeeesssss…..”  I whisper out.  The hits get a little more intense and I try to make my legs wider.  “You’re such a little slut.”  He smiles and His tongue finds my clit.


“ohmygod”  is all that comes out and the softness of His tongue moves across my pussy and I feel Him suck hard on my clit. 


He goes back to using the riding crop and the rapid fire taps.  I can’t really move and I want to.  My body loves it.  I can only arch my back and as I do, He thrusts into me with His cock.


“yespleaseyespleaseyespleaseyesplease”  My voice is changing as I get desperate to cum.


“Don’t you dare cum yet.”  He warns still fucking my pussy.  He sees I’m close and pulls out.  I let out a loud, whiny whimper.  He tells me He plans to use the vibrator with the little nub on it since I can’t help but cum with the Hitachi.  He flips it on and puts it on one side of my clit.  His tongue on the other. 


God help me if I cum.  Guys think of the alphabet or whatever, I have to let my brain empty out to hold on.  And not move.   “ohmygodohmygodohmygod” is all I can say.


I feel His finger slip into my ass.  My roll back into my head.  He lifts His head and asks “How about two fingers?”  Not needing answer at all. 




I pull back at the stirrups with my legs.  I want more. 


“Your ass just opens right up for me.”  He muses sliding His fingers in and out. 


He removes His fingers and slides His cock in my ass.   The vibrator still to the side of my clit.  Jesus.  Jesus.  Jesus…….. I am going to lose it.


“Please…please….please may I cum, Sir?”  I’m desperate.


“No.”  And pulls out of my ass and takes away the vibrator.  My legs start to shake from need.  He walks away and goes to the dresser.  Looking at me as He opens one of the drawers. 


“That position is perfect for whoever I choose to use your holes.  Maybe W/we should practice with this and get you ready for Assblaster?”  He holds up a very big, thick dildo and gets the Hitachi at the same time. 


I think I’m getting delirious from want and need and lust.  I feel Him lube my ass and hear the Hitachi click on and He finds my clit.  That alone will send me over.  The dildo is at the opening of my ass and He starts to press it ever so slowly in.  Letting me get used to the girth.  I let out a loud groan and “Ohmygod” as it slides in.  It doesn’t take long and I’m ready to be fucked.


He slides the dildo all the way in and slides all the way out.  Letting the head pop me open.  Each time bringing me closer to cumming.  He starts to play only with popping my ass open, which I love. 


I start to beg. 




“Look at me when you cum.  They are mine.  Give it to Me.”


I don’t wait another second.  I explode as He fucks me hard with the dildo.  “We’re not stopping.  You’re going to keep going until I say stop.”  My body is ready to explode again.  And again.  And once more.  My brain is in overload and He is letting me ride wave after wave of pleasure.   My eyes can’t focus and I can’t talk.  My fingers are curled around the rope.


The Hitachi is gone and the dildo comes out.  That’s when I’m able to take a deep breath.  My legs are really shaking now.  He quickly removes the rope from my wrists and holds my legs over His shoulders as He takes me out of the stirrups.  Gently rolling me to a sitting position and letting my feet hit the ground.  Not that I can actually stand at that moment.


Which is why the thick black mat is on the floor.  For me to collapse onto.  He slides down next to me.  Face to face.  Putting His cock in my hand.  His tongue circling my mouth, telling me what a good girl I was for taking such a big toy and how fun it will be to put me on display in that position for people to watch and use me. 


As my hand comes back to life with His cock in it and He kisses me back to earth, I get Him ready for me.  It doesn’t take Him long to roll me onto my stomach, ass slightly up.  He slides into my ass and grabs my shoulders.  “I love fucking your ass.”  He growls, sliding in and out.  With every thrust I let out a moan, a groan, a grunt.  His fingers dig into my shoulder, His other hand grabs my hair.   He doesn’t want to wait any longer.  He pounds into my ass with as much desperation as I felt earlier.


“Please cum in my ass, Sir….please….”  Begging.  It sends Him into overdrive to hear me beg.  He’s pulling my hair.  “I want this to drip out of you as I beat you today.  A deep thrust and I groan again.


“Yes, Sir…..” 


“Are you ready for Me?”  A question that needed no answer.



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  1. To be fair, Facebook _does_ have a real name policy, and they do enforce it. The difference is that FB enforces it very weakly with a wooden ruler on the back of a hand, whereas Google Profiles is swinging around a huge spiked club causing carnage all over.


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