My Sir……a few thoughts on why I want and need to serve Him

Oh, let me count the ways.  I actually like Him.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely crazy about Him.  He’s everything I’ve always wished others could be like when I walked down this path.  I could really never submit to someone if the thoughts of “if He only did ______.”  or “W/we really need to work on ______.”  crept in. 


W/we get each other.  W/we only want the best for each other.  W/we can sit with each other and just be.  No words necessary.  W/we can lie in bed for several hours and talk about anything.  And W/we do.  I can’t remember the last time I laid around in bed all day with someone.  Or even wanted to. 


He thinks about play and how it relates to U/us and is very thoughtful in the way O/our playtime unfolds.  He asks me what it is I want and is very patient when I can’t find the words to express what hides in the back of my mind.   Once it’s out He’ll talk to me about it and execute.  That also works both ways.  W/we discuss what it is He is wanting.   He wants U/us to explore what it is W/we both want out of this journey. 


He’s not an asshole kind of Dom.  In fact, He’s just not an asshole at all.   I’ve been involved with guys like that.  They think everyone has to be “on” at all times.  He makes me laugh and He loves to take care of me.  A lot of people take the human out of the interaction and always treat you like an option.  The problem I have with that kind of Dominance is that I’m a person with feelings and a job and a life.  And so is He.   I love humiliation and being treated like the lowliest slut on the planet for His use and He equally loves to dish it out.  But both of U/us know realistically how hard that is to maintain it all day every day.    


He also knows my submission to Him is just a step away from the surface.   It only takes a word.  A look.  The feel of His hand in a way I understand.  And I’m there.   W/we can be in a restaurant full of people and He can make me stop on a dime in thoughts and actions. 


He knew from the beginning that my submission was something He wanted me to want.  Of course He wanted it.  Wants it.  But what good is it when the other party doesn’t have the deepest wish to serve the other?  


Submission starts in the mind.  W/we talked about it.  He was getting to know me before He even touched me.  And W/we talked some more about it.  The negotiations.  He asked very pointed questions.  There was a questionnaire.  Why?  If you saw this questionnaire it has everything about BDSM on it and it’s several pages long.  It left no room for misinterpretation.   This Man doesn’t mince words or wastes time dancing around subjects.  He really wanted to know where my head was.    Nobody before Him asked me so in depth about what I would or wouldn’t do.  What I did or didn’t want.   


And while He doesn’t like to waste time dancing around those subjects, He certain takes His time to execute them.  W/we play for hours at a time.  Sometimes it’s four hours later when I come back to earth.  He never likes to rush play.  When I write about what W/we do, you’re reading snippets of what happens.  It would take way too long for me to write it out on here.  If you don’t see impact happen in a scene.  It happened.  If you don’t see how He forced me to orgasm for well over an hour before impact.  It happened.  Sometimes W/we break in between all of it and linger in bed for a little while before He grabs me and says “Now get the hell out of My bed and get your ass upstairs.”  


What’s not to love about that?



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