Guess what came in the mail today?……..

Sir loves to make a mess of me.  He likes to take the lady that is so put together in the outside world and turn her inside out.  A crying, blubbering mess.  Tear soaked face with mascara all over me.  Smeared lipstick.  A begging whore that loves to be used and wants more as soon as possible. 


I go to Him.  He seems to want to meet me in the Den lately.  His toys at the ready, neatly laid out on a tray.  He’s lounging in the deep, leather sofa. 


“Bring me the tray.”  He says.


He stands up lays out a waterproof throw to go over the leather footstool.  I set the tray on the sofa.  On goes my collar.  A deep kiss and then gently He pushes me back onto the footstool.  My legs straddle His and brace myself against the couch. 


“Guess what came in the mail today?”  He asks me.


My eyebrows go up and I smile.  “I have no idea, Sir.”


He reaches for the tray and gets a black box.  He opens it like presenting the most beautiful ring.  It’s my XL stainless steel butt plug.  I smile even more as He takes it out of the case and gives it to me to hold.  It’s heavy.  Really heavy.  Guaranteed to break the toilet.  Or your foot. 


“You’re only going to wear it to give me my massage.  I don’t want to break the toilet or have it end up in the crawl space under the house.” 


I giggled.  I flashed to the first time with the large one.


I hold onto it while He gets the lube and a glove for His hand.  I can feel Him start to massage my opening.  Slipping the tip in, making it hungry.  He keeps doing this, making me want more.  He slides a finger in.  He knows that’s not enough and slides in another.  I groan with pleasure.  He keeps a smooth and steady pace with His fingers and then a third slides in.  I start moving my hips and my ass just opens for Him. 


“Rub your clit.”  He tells me.


My ass clenches as I do. 


“You’re not going to get to cum yet.  W/we have all afternoon.”  I nod “Yes, Sir.” And His hand goes out to take the plug from me and slowly slides out His fingers.  The tip of the plug teases my skin.  He doesn’t take His eyes off my face as He slowly pushes the plug into my ready ass.  It slurps right in. 


I’m going to say that the larger size is actually more comfortable and makes me want to cum.   Immediately.  He plays with the handle, driving my body further to the point.  Pulling back when sensing I’m getting too close.  He flings my hand away from my clit and tells me “Enough.  Time for a massage.”


He helps me up from the footstool and I get used to the weight of the plug before I start walking up the stairs.  Slower than usual.  Making sure I don’t blow the plug down the stairs. 


He grips my ass before He lies down.  A finger finding the handle of the plug and pushing it in. 


I am acutely aware of it being in my ass the entire hour.  It’s just heavy enough to remind me with every arm stroke on His back. 


I barely talk during the massage and He notices.  I’m usually talking it up.  But not today.  I’m concentrating on clenching my ass. 


The massage is over and He wants me at the end of the table to take it out.  I’m not allowed to pee until He does.  Toilets need to stay intact. 


He slowly pulls on the handle.  Letting the plug stay at the opening and then Swoosh!  He pulls it out.  I let out a little gasp as the suction pulls against my skin. 


“Pee and come back to the playroom.”  He orders.


  “Yes, Sir.”  And I scurry off and return quickly.


He takes my hand as I come back into the playroom and leads me over to the leather chair in the corner.  One of the mirrors is directly to the side.  He stands me in front of it facing Him as He sits down. “Bend over to and put your hands on the arm rests.”  I bend over and He looks over at something behind me. 


He stands me up.  “Stay there.  You’re going to have your ass fucked in front of Me today.”


As I stand waiting, I can see in the mirror He’s taking a second mirror and positioning behind me.  Making sure I can see the reflections in both.  He comes back to the chair to see how it looks to Him from a sitting position.  He then takes the fucking machine and puts it behind me.  “Slide back onto it.”  He tells me.   I slide my ass little by little onto the lubed up dildo.  Once I’m fully on, He starts up the motor.  Slowly at first, getting me used to the rhythm.  I’m slightly bent over, my hands on the arm rests.  He looks at me in the mirror for a moment before standing me slightly to get into the chair.  The remote for the fucking machine in one hand and the Hitachi in the other.


My face is inches from His.  “Comfy?”  He asks.


“Yes, Sir.”  He speeds up the machine a little with my reply.  I groan while looking at Him.  His eyes dart back and forth to my face and the reflection of my ass being fucked. 


I hear the Hitachi turn on and He finds my clit.  My knees bend as I impale myself onto the machine, grinding myself into a frenzy.  He turns up the machine. 


“please….please……please…..pleasemayIcumSir…” I breathe out. 


His lips are at mine.  Not touching but whispering into them. 


“Not yet.  I’m enjoying this way too much to let you cum.”  He says.


“I love watching your ass getting fucked this way.”  He says.  “Look at your reflection.  You look gorgeous.”


I lift my head to look into the other mirror.  The machine is doing a steady in and out of my ass.  He pulls a nipple.  Turns up the machine.    My knees bend a little more, needing it.  I can’t even look at my reflection.  I think I’m going to lose my mind.  My body is starting to ride a wave.


“mayIcumSirmayIcumSirmayIcumSir.”  It’s impossible to hold it back. 


“Yeeeessssss……….”   He tells me and only a second later I’m losing control, ready to let it out and His mouth captures mine as I scream into Him.




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